SELECT items.itemId, items.available, items.itemName, items.itemBrand, items.itemText, items.itemPrice, items.itemPromotion, items.itemAuction ,items.itemNew , MAX( item_category.indentDeep ) AS maxIndentDeep,category_list.categoryId, category_list.categoryName, item_image.imageName, item_image.miniName, item_image.thumbName, item_image.imageWidth, item_image.imageHeight, brand_list.brandName, brand_list.brandLogo, brand_list.brandMini FROM items LEFT JOIN item_category USING ( itemId ) LEFT JOIN brand_list ON brand_list.brandId = items.itemBrand LEFT JOIN category_list ON category_list.categoryId = item_category.parentCategoryId LEFT JOIN item_image USING ( itemId ) WHERE item_category.categoryId = '7' AND items.available = '0' AND item_image.imageMain = 1 GROUP BY itemId LIMIT 0, 10
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Plik : /var/www/iszafa/fwork/v/db.php[linia:218]

BackTrace :
#0 /var/www/iszafa/fwork/v/db.php(183): v_db->query('SELECT')
#1 /var/www/iszafa/fwork/v/items.php(384): v_db->__construct('SELECT')
#2 /var/www/iszafa/fwork/box/iszafa/items.php(70): v_items->getItems(0, 10)
#3 /var/www/iszafa/fwork/html/page.php(63): box_iszafa_items->prepare()
#4 /var/www/iszafa/index.php(7): html_page::init()
#5 {main}
Trace: :
INFOSTART:2019-02-19 02:42:05
TRACEClass Load: v/log.php mem:22992
TRACEClass Load: v/db.php mem:10584
DEBUGConnection to : localhost database iszafa estabilished
TRACEClass Load: html/page.php mem:5312
TRACEClass Load: page/iszafa.php mem:2792
TRACEClass Load: user/iszafa/object.php mem:3816
TRACEClass Load: v/var.php mem:7000
DEBUGvar define : logincmd
DEBUGread returns :
DEBUGvar define : switch
DEBUGread returns : items
TRACEClass Load: box/iszafa/items.php mem:3904
TRACEClass Load: box/iszafa/header.php mem:3904
TRACEClass Load: box/iszafa/footer.php mem:3904
TRACEClass Load: box/iszafa/adminmenu.php mem:3600
TRACEClass Load: box/iszafa/menu.php mem:3936
TRACEClass Load: v/items.php mem:16232
TRACEClass Load: v/pager.php mem:5120
TRACEClass Load: exception/common.php mem:9200
TRACEClass Load: exception/dbConnect.php mem:26680
Count: 42 Time: 0.0010604858398438 MEMORY: avg change:1.09 kb Us change:1.03 kb min change:-224 b max change:1360 b
Count: 1 Time: 0.003572940826416 MEMORY: avg change:65.61 kb Us change:131.22 kb min change:131224 b max change:131224 b
v_db query
Count: 8 Time: 0.0017762184143066 MEMORY: avg change:0.07 kb Us change:0.24 kb min change:0 b max change:1024 b
Min: 310kb Max: 444kb Us: 440kb Avg:364kb(42samples)